Development & Construction Management

PMG Asset Services offers support for the entire cycle of residential and commercial development and construction. As companies and institutions retain asset services as a form of risk management they also enhance the success of their capital investment project. Having an independent asset service on board to assist with processes, mitigating risks and decision-making is a practical means to protecting your projects.

  • Prepare Development Pro Forma
  • Prepare Construction Budget
  • Negotiate Contracts
  • Select and Monitor Architects, Engineers and Attorneys
  • Bidding and Selection of General Contractor and Subcontractors
  • Obtain Permits
  • Prepare/Approve Construction Draws
  • Construction Monitoring

Land Planning & Entitlements

With that in mind, the planning team brings clarity to the client's needs, site possibilities and limitations and implementation of codes, regulations and ordinances. This is accomplished through the successful combination of functional, physical, aesthetic, fiscal and political demands to produce a design that mitigates the impacts while meeting the client’s objectives.

Knowing and understanding the variety and variance of city, county and state building codes are essential for the progression of any Real Estate project. At PMG Asset Services we work within local code, guidelines and law to avoid costly mistakes or fines. Knowing your full limitations and rights while maintaining a friendly, professional relationship with government partners is key to PMG Asset Services' success.

  • Complete Pre-Development Services
  • Development of Strategy for Best Use of Land
  • Review of Current Entitlements
  • Develop Estimates for Site Development
  • Site Plan Development, Approvals and Extensions
  • Hire and Monitor Architects, Engineers and Attorneys
  • Meet with City Staff and Lobby City and County Officials